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Change of Heart

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North Fulton Community Charities is making plans to celebrate February as Have a Heart for NFCC month.  During the month of February, we are asking our schools, local businesses, faith communities, and restaurants in North Fulton to participate in our  “Change Your Heart for NFCC Campaign”.   We want to partner with the local community to promote this event.

NFCC’s mission is to build self-sufficiency and prevent homelessness and hunger in our community by providing emergency assistance and enrichment programs. The purpose of this month long campaign is to secure much needed funds to support our programs while increasing the awareness of the needs of our families.  Our goal is to raise $200,000. Your participation in the “Change Your Heart For NFCC,” campaign will help us reach this ambitious goal.

Here are some ways that we can increase promotions:

Here’s what NFCC can provide for you:

A change collection bin for donations

Choose to make to a difference with our local neighbors in need.