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1.    What is the purpose of the “Have A Heart,” Campaign?

To raise awareness, much needed funding for our programs and to support the ever changing needs of our families.

2.    What does it mean to host a party?

We would ask that you select a theme and a date in the month of February to host an event where you would invite your friends and neighbors.

3.    What materials or support will be provided by NFCC?

NFCC is willing to provide you with a party pack and a representative from the agency to provide information about the needs of the charity.

4.    Can this event be tax deductible?

Each host can deduct their out of pocket expenses in the same manner they deduct other in-kind donations.  NFC  will give each host one of the NFCC donation forms and they can use that with all their receipts.  It is not the charity’s responsibility to attest to any of the costs.

5.    What is the financial goal needed to assist NFCC?

Our goal is to raise $200,000.  We are requesting the support from the entire community to help us achieve it.

6.    Can anyone host a party?

Yes. We recommend businesses, faith, civic groups and schools to support this campaign.

7.    I don’t want to host a party. Is there another way to support this campaign?

We are offering public parties where the community can attend. Details will be provided once they are advertised.

8.    Is Change Your Heart different from Have a Heart?

No, the campaign is the same, but this is another opportunity that can provide support.  This is also a great idea for school aged children who would like to support NFCC.